You Thought Toyota’s Lexus LC Sales Expectations Were Inconceivable … And You Were Right

Unless your surname is Porsche and your given name 911, a sales volumes generated by reward two-doors are frighteningly small. Lexus but brought to marketplace a two-pronged Lexus LC range, as an surreptitious inheritor to a SC, with lofty expectations.

Moreover, Lexus was open with a goals, going so distant as to respond directly to TTAC to urge a company’s reasoning.

If early sum were all we had to go by, a initial hype surrounding a $90K+, V8-engined LC500 and a hybrid LC500h kin indisputably constructed goal-besting results. More than a year into a tenure, however, it’s now transparent that a LC has depressed extravagantly brief of fulfilling Lexus’ hopes.

It was inner reactions, automobile uncover response, and patron clinics that swayed Lexus of a LC’s U.S. sales opening possibilities. “The initial time we saw this car,� afterwards Lexus multiplication manager Mark Templin pronounced of a LF-LC Concept in 2012, “I was speechless.�

“Our certainty started with a extensive response to a LF-LC uncover automobile that debuted during a Detroit Auto Show in 2012,� Lexus communications manager Nancy Hubbell told TTAC final year. Then came a “dynamic clinic� in 2016 where Lexus listened feedback from business that suggested “the LC will be a clever actor in a oppulance coupe market.�

The outcome was a 400 per month sales idea for a LC range. Lexus even settled a ability to supply a United States with 500 LCs per month if direct was sufficient.

It wasn’t. It isn’t. It won’t be.

Just as a BB predicted.

Comments on a early LC story enclosed one from dal20402: “Setting a idea like this is usually environment Lexus adult for a nonessential notice of failure.� badhobz said, “Dumb move. we don’t consider it’ll do that well.� This was a ubiquitous effort of responses to Lexus, yet there were some believers, and some, like stingray65, who suspicion Lexus could live adult to a inner expectations for maybe 4-6 months.

It turns out a LC was usually able of nutritious that high turn of direct for dual months. 419 were sole in May 2017. Then Lexus changed 423 in Jun of final year. A 402-unit month in Jul 2017 noted a finish of Lexus attack a target. Over a final 13 months, Lexus’ monthly normal has depressed 48-percent bashful of a 400-unit expectation. In a ennui of winter, Jan and Feb sum for a insignificant 304 sum LC sales.

Granted, a Lexus LC is outselling a some-more dear Mercedes-AMG GT by some-more than 50 units per month and sells roughly as mostly as Mercedes-Benz’s SL-Class. The Lexus generates some-more than 4 times a volume of a aged and some-more performance-oriented Nissan GT-R.

On a other hand, with a immeasurable 911 range, Porsche is on lane for a three-year sales high of scarcely 10,000 units, producing twice as many sales in an normal month as Lexus did LC sales during a car’s peak.

That, of course, is an astray comparison. Nothing competes with a 911. It’s in another league.

The Lexus LC, however, was ostensible to contest with itself, and with a company’s possess inner expectations.

No can do.

[Image: Lexus]

Timothy Cain is a contributing researcher during The Truth About Cars and and a owner and former editor of Follow on Twitter @timcaincars and Instagram.

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