You can now configure Tesla Model 3’s interior in a unaccepted pattern studio

A few weeks ago, we reported on a Tesla fan and Model 3 reservation holder, Bayol, building an unaccepted Model 3 online pattern studio to configure a car with opposite wheels and colors.

At a time, there was a add-on for a interior, though it was usually featuring a placeholder design of a Millennium Falcon. Today Bayol updated his plan and we can now configure a interior of a Model 3 with several choices of headliners, upholstery and other interior finishes.

The interior of a Model 3 has been rather argumentative among Tesla enthusiasts. The miss of instrument cluster and a core 15-in arrangement with all a controls lifted a few eyebrows.

Some speculated that a judgment is hinting during a probability of possibly a heads-up arrangement or entirely unconstrained record integration. Musk commented that it will make some-more clarity after a second partial of a Model 3 unveiling, that will occur closer to prolongation in late 2017.

Tesla also blocked entrance to interior of a Model 3 prototypes during third-party photoshoots and a automaker didn’t embody any cinema of a interior in a possess promotional pictures, that could prove that a final product will be opposite from what we saw during a unveil.

A week after a unveiling, Tesla hired Porsche’s lead engineer for a Mission E’s interior.

Regardless of intensity destiny changes, formed on a stream interior of a prototype, we consider I’d go with a Silver Metallic paint pursuit with grey turbine wheels and black leather seats with CO fiber taste for a interior:

Model 3 configurator model 3 interior

What would be your configuration?

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