You Can Buy a New $50000 R34 GT-R Engine From Nissan’s Holy Grail Of Factories

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Even Nissan employees pronounce about visiting a home of Nismo, a Omori bureau nearby Yokohama, like creation a pilgrimage. Getting to go is a good privilege, and now we have a improved thought why. You can spin up, plunk down $51,000 and buy a code new RB26 engine out of a mythological R34 Skyline GT-R.

Again, even Nissan employees I’ve talked to pronounce about Omori in inside tones. It’s where Nissan keeps a ancestral competition cars, and what gets sent out to a rest of a universe for arrangement all has to go behind to Omori. The R390 GT1 travel automobile lives there, and it was Omori that sent it out Laguna Seca for a Monterey Historics this year. Nobody gets to see that car, yet Omori is where it calls home.

And Omori is where Nissan does restorations on GT-Rs by a years and where Nissan does a factory-upgrades for several limited-edition GT-Rs. Things like a 400R for a R33 of a mid-1990s that came with a stroker engine from a factory. Only a few dozen were made.

So it creates clarity that if there’s a place in a universe where you’d be means to buy an engine for one such limited-production version, it would be where a cars were done in a initial place.


This is a devious approach of observant that we can travel by a front doorway during Omori and buy $50,000 of true six.

I contend $50k since when Ken Saito visited Omori a year and a half ago, and prices were even aloft on some of a engines we come across:

That is, unless we unequivocally go all out and buy one of a engines they have for sale there. At a time there were 3 engines to select from. The initial being a RB26 S2 matched for a R32, R33, and R34. In this guise it produces 400 horsepower. The cost is ¥4,300,000 ($39,230).

Stepping up, a RB26 R2 is rated during 450 HP. That additional energy comes during an additional cost, of march during ¥4,800,000 ($43,788). Again, it’s concordant with a same cars as a S2.

If we wish to go for a whole 9 yards, afterwards a RB26 F-Sport R for a R34 is a approach to go. This one is pumping out 500 HP and costs an eye-watering ¥7,150,000 ($65,229), roughly a same as a 2012 GT-R Premium Edition.


Today important Nismo-obsessive YouTuber tommyfyeah also swung by Omori and saw that F-Sport engine labeled a cold ¥5,800,000. Practically a take during $51,200, yet it creates it seem like prices are rather variable.

I went online to see if we could find a place where we could double check all of this and did come on the central Nismo catalog. Indeed, there are lots of RB26 parts, like a $2,600 crankshaft, among other things. But no finish limited-run engines could we find. The Omori bureau website only gives we directions to get to a building itself.

I’m really most not in a marketplace for something like this, yet we do conclude how Nissan sets this up, gripping old-school speed tools like this both tip and available.


But if we was in a market, I’d demeanour into a craft sheet to Yokohama. It’s as good an forgive for a outing to Japan as any, right?

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