Yes, Harley-Davidson is Serious About Releasing an Electric Motorcycle in 18 Months

I wanted to know some-more about H-D’s skeleton for an electric destiny so we spoke with Harley-Davidson product portfolio manager Jeff Strunk during a IMS Chicago motorcycle show.

“We brought out a swift of electric Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles to unequivocally know what a open suspicion of it, what they wanted, and what they’re expectations would be,” pronounced Strunk, referring to a LiveWire debate in 2014 and 2015 that spanned a U.S., Canada, and Europe. “Everything we do is unequivocally secure in what a patron wants. With something that groundbreaking and opposite and new, it unequivocally compulsory us to go out and ask people directly. They competence not be means to suppose what this is or what it could be.”

This contingency have been generally severe for a code with a fanbase that’s unequivocally ardent about V-twin engines powered by gasoline. The engine evil is one of a many graphic aspects of Harley-Davidson and it was correct to do some task to figure out what a riders would wish out of an electric bike.

“We schooled a lot from those business in rides that we did all around a world. We took in a lot of feedback and we’re positively utilizing that to make a good Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle. It is entrance in 18 months and it’s gonna be unequivocally exciting,” pronounced Strunk with confidence.

We talked a bit about opening and some of a advantages of electric over required gas engines that Harley-Davidson has been building for good over a century. “Some of a genuine advantages of electric embody no purchase and no shifting,” pronounced Strunk. Some of us enthusiasts competence consider of not changeable as a bad thing because, let’s face it, changeable is partial of a fun. But Strunk sees it as a step towards bringing fresh blood into motorcycling. “That reduces a separator for new riders. Sometimes that’s a small intimidating or requires learning. You only turn a stifle and go. The torque comes on right divided and it’s a same torque all a approach through.”

Whatever Harley-Davidson does come adult with for a prolongation electric motorcycle, it’s going to be secure in what a riders want, according to Strunk. “Getting a product to compare patron expectations; that’s what the engineers are operative tough on right now and we’re super vehement about it.”

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