XC60 Raises Bar Redesigned Volvo Among World’s Best Midsize …

Forget safety. Volvo might have usually combined a world’s best midsize SUV with a introduction of a all-new XC60.

Safety features, of course, are how this Swedish code built a reputation, adding things like chair belts, side-impact atmosphere bags and pile-up sensors years before other companies followed suit.

But even environment aside all a XC60’s safety-related bells and whistles — that are substantial — it creates a clever box for winning a “best on a planet” prize for a approach it looks, drives and feels.

Let’s start with a styling.

For a code that’s embodied odd bodies by a years, from a beautiful P1800 in a 1960s to a rolling fridge boxes of a 1980s and ‘90s, a XC60 seems to pull from a flattering side of a family tree. It’s neat and eye-catching amid a sea of lifeless competitors that seem to be in a competition to see who can make a many boring, derivative crossover bodies.

From decisions that limit on a ridiculous, like “Thor’s hammer” headlights and stupid-huge 22-inch wheels on a choice sheet, Volvo’s designers aren’t being timid.

That’s refreshing, generally in this follow-the-leader category.

And if a outward gets your attention, usually wait until we open a doors.

Its cabin is a feast for a senses, from a pleasing soundness of a leather, wood, steel and plastics to a delicately drawn lines that locate your eye yet being visually repulsive — a tough balancing act.

Like all of today’s oppulance cars, a large partial of a knowledge involves how good record is integrated into a cabin.

The XC60, again, is among a best. A straight touchscreen dominates a core stack, yet where other cars overcome with buttons and menus, this one utilizes superb simplicity. Volvo’s Sensus complement is discerning to use and works even improved than a in-car interfaces Apple and Google have rolled out, something intensely singular in a automobile world.

Driving a XC60, during slightest with a T6 powertrain in my tester, is refreshing yet not indispensably sporty. If we wish a devout tie to a road, BMW still reigns as king, with Mazda surprisingly tighten behind.

If we wish supernatural power, a pretty movable feel and a still float from a cabin that feels like it was forged from granite, a XC60 doesn’t disappoint. Its 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine is both turbocharged and supercharged to make a mind-bending 316 horsepower.

Small engines don’t routinely do that. we remember not too prolonged ago when full-size, truck-based American SUVs would gloat about carrying 300-horsepower V8s. The fact that Volvo can reliably fist so most energy from such a little engine is simply amazing.

It’s also something that helps with gas mileage. My tester was rated for 27 miles per gallon on a highway, not bad for a roomy, solid-feeling SUV.

Finally, there are those reserve features. This automobile not usually probably drives itself for brief durations of time on well-marked roads with a discretionary Pilot Assist, yet it also can keep we from removing into critical trouble. If it senses we might be about to strike another automobile when changing lanes, it will expostulate we divided from a collision. Same thing if it senses an approaching automobile veering into your lane, potentially steering we divided from a head-on crash.

Pricing starts during $41,500 and tops out during $52,900 for a T8 plug-in hybrid. Options can expostulate that cost extremely higher, though, such as a cost of my tester, $63,290. Its options alone cost scarcely as most as a new Toyota Corolla.

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