Woman sues Denver Police over 2015 collision involving military officer

DENVER — Nearly 3 years after a Denver military officer was reprimanded for attack a automobile on Colfax Avenue, a owners of a automobile pronounced she still hasn’t been paid a dime. The box is now streamer to court.

The collision occurred on Feb 20, 2015 during a intersection of Colfax Avenue and Washington Street on Denver’s Capitol Hill.

The officer, Rudy Manzanares, ran his 2014 Ford Explorer military automobile into Linda Bowen’s 1996 Toyota Camry, according to a state pile-up review report. The Camry was exceedingly and tolerably shop-worn on a newcomer side, according to a report.

“I had only paid that automobile off,” Linda Bowen told FOX31.

Bowen, an Air Force veteran, was streamer south on Washington when she pronounced Manzanares ran a red light on Colfax but lights or summons engaged.

“He, clearly, couldn’t have been profitable attention,” Bowen said.

The Camry was sum loss, according to Bowen. Bowen pronounced she still hasn’t been paid after scarcely 3 years of back-and-fort with city lawyers.

Denver is a self-insured municipality. That means city vehicles and drivers are not lonesome by a private company. Each explain to a city is rubbed on a case-by-case basis.

A month after a collision, Manzanares was given a created rebuke for a “preventable accident.” Denver Police Internal Affairs records, performed by a FOX31 Problem Solvers, uncover he was formerly reprimanded for 3 progressing “preventable accidents” dating behind to 2006.

Driving record aside, Manzanares is deliberate a hero. He and other officers were respected in 2014 with medals of respect for risking their possess lives underneath glow during a warrant situation.

“He immediately says to me, a final time we looked, a light was still green,” Bowen said. “And we looked during him, and I’m like– Well when was accurately a final time we looked.”

Bowen pronounced footage prisoner by city trade cameras, reviewed by police, behind adult her story. The box shows Bowen and a City do not determine on a cost of damages.

“I only wanted to get another car,” Bowen said. “I only wanted to pierce on.”

Bowen works as a massage therapist. She now lives in Florida. She told FOX31 she suffered neck and shoulder pain and a concussion from a crash. The final few years have been formidable financially since of extensive authorised proceedings, Bowen said.

The box is scheduled for a jury hearing in April, according to Denver County justice dockets.

The Denver Police Department was not immediately accessible on Sunday for comment. The dialect has formerly pronounced it does not typically criticism on tentative litigation.

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