Woman killed cousin after job his partner ugly, prosecutors allege

A’Keshia L. Bell 

SAGINAW, MI — A 41-year-old lady has been charged with murdering a relations by distinguished him with an SUV in Buena Vista Township.

A’Keshia L. Bell on Monday, Nov. 5, seemed in Saginaw County District Court for prosecution on one count of open murder. The assign includes both first- and second-degree murder.

The assign relates to a murdering of Cortney Noel, Bell’s 43-year-old cousin.

According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Steven Fenner, Bell, Noel, and Noel’s partner were in a Chevrolet Traverse a early morning of Saturday, Nov. 3. The 3 people had been celebration alcohol, Fenner said.

At some point, Bell called Noel’s partner ugly, that dissapoint Noel. Noel got out of  a SUV in a area of South 28th Street and Janes Street in Buena Vista Township.

Noel was “having a tantrum,” his partner after told police, Fenner said. The partner also left a car in an try to inveigle Noel to lapse to it, though he sat down on or nearby a road, Fenner said.

A impulse later, Bell gathering during a couple, with a partner handling to get out of a way. The car struck Noel and possibly dragged or launched him down a block, Fenner said.

Bell continued, afterwards did a U-turn and was still during a stage when military arrived.

First-responders conspicuous Noel passed during a scene.

Bell was disinclined with military and would not brand herself to them. Officers eventually had to brand Bell by her fingerprints, Fenner said.

Police performed a aver for samples of Bell’s blood, a formula of that are pending, Fenner said.

Bell is being hold but bond. Her box is set for a rough hearing on Nov. 26.

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