Wings of glory: Honda Civic Type R outsoars Ford Focus RS

After a day out with a 2017 Honda Civic Type R and a 2016 Ford Focus RS, it came down to this: “If someone handed we a keys to either, that one would we take?”

This is not “The Matrix” and these combatants are not pills. They are a many expected sports cars on a marketplace and have never been sole in a U.S. during a same time. Until now. Both are affordable; both are a blast to drive; both came in blue.

Both have 5 doors, hulk behind wings and honeyed rowing six-speed primer gearboxes. Yet a Type R and Focus RS are as opposite as they are similar.

The 350-horsepower Focus RS is an all-wheel-drive savage with ill hold and dangerous power. The 306-horsepower Type R is a front-wheel-drive complicated marvel with a shining cessation and poetic highway manners.

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