Will FCA repeat US Fiat mistakes with Dodge and Chrysler?

It’s easy to demeanour during Fiat’s insignificant sales in a U.S. and disagree that a Italian code so dear by former Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne is simply a distinguished plant of consumer trends divided from tiny cars, or that a lapse to a U.S. in 2011 was mistimed opposite then-falling and now-stabilized fuel prices.

But a easy reason isn’t a finish one since it doesn’t take into comment a years of tone-deaf pricing strategy, code slight and product starvation that eventually laid a mass-market code so low in a world’s many essential automotive market.

In Fiat’s apparent American failure, there is copiousness of censure to go around as good as a profitable doctrine for dealers and their automaker partners.

Much of that censure Marchionne justly laid on himself. In Jan 2012, reduction than a year into a brand’s lapse to a U.S., Marchionne certified that he had erred in walling off Fiat from what had been a Chrysler play body, inflicting outrageous initial costs on dealers peaceful to take a possibility on a quirky 500.

His insistence that Fiat dealers build pricey, standalone studios instead of incorporating a code into their existent rooftops combined nonessential beyond to Fiat’s fledgling one-product operations and attacked a immeasurable infancy of Chrysler dealers of what was afterwards a much-needed fuel-efficient choice product offering.

Marchionne apologized to dealers, though a code never unequivocally recovered.

Fiat’s initial 5 years in a U.S. were a array of botched attempts to make adult for that initial stumble. The bigger 500L sported a uneasy dual-dry-clutch transmission. The all-wheel-drive 500X had fuel economy that lagged that of competitors. And a 500e? Marchionne pronounced he mislaid $14,000 on any one he sold.

In 2013, Marchionne betrothed U.S. dealers they would see 4 new models, though they got only two: a 500X and a Mazda-built 124 Spider roadster.

FCA seemed to switch to a plan of slight and starvation, slicing selling dollars and product investment, to a wreckage of a long-struggling dealers.

Which leaves us with a tough question: Is FCA doing any improved with Chrysler and Dodge?

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