Why Is Washington DC’s Metro System Such a Disaster?

Metro/BART character movement systems are too bulky, expensive, and trouble-prone to be tolerated many longer in a complicated age. If movement systems continue to be built, they will have to use lighter-weight, less-expensive infrastructure and offer passengers preference and amenities identical to personal cars. we am not a large follower in unconstrained vehicles on unchanging aspect roads; we consider it is critical to apart “mass transit” from street/highway traffic, and safeguard that, for many people, many of a time, a mass-transit choice is some-more convenient, some-more affordable, and during slightest as time-efficient as a personal car. we consider this can be done, and we consider a outcome looks like PRT: Personal Rapid Transit. Regarding fluctuating BART to Silicon Valley, it would have been some-more cost-effective, and finished some-more quickly, to settle PRT in a South Bay and extend IT to Fremont BART station. This thought was floated before a spin of a century. If it had been taken and followed seriously. even as late as 10 or 15 years ago, Silicon Valley and BART would be related by now, and South Bay neighborhoods and their commuters would be many some-more effectively and reduction expensively served, than they are or can be by a continued southern prolongation of BART.

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