Why Is The Nissan GT-R Called The Godzilla? — Learn How The GT-R Got The Godzilla Nickname!

Godzilla is a beast from Japanese fiction. The outrageous and aroused amphibian invertebrate is empowered by chief radiation. The illusory impression can fire out high-energy chief feverishness rays, famous as atomic breath, from a mouth. Godzilla has been decorated in a lot of cinema and cartoons in Japan as good as in Hollywood.

However, a GT-R’s ‘Godzilla’ pretension was not given in Japan, though in Australia. In a late ‘80s, Australia became a initial nation to that a Nissan GT-R was exported. The exported R32 era of a Nissan GT-R was powered by a 2.6-litre twin-turbo straight-six engine. It constructed tighten to 276bhp and 361Nm of torque. The engine came corresponding to a 5-speed manual.

In a really subsequent Australian Touring Championship, a R32 GT-R flew past a competitors, including a afterwards famed Ford Sierra Cosworth. The Nissan GT-R R32 also saw outrageous success in a Japanese Touring Car Championship. The whole championship had to be damaged down into opposite classes, due to a Nissan GT-R violence each automobile that competed in a championship.

The Japanese referred to their origination as ‘Obakemono’, that stood for ‘a shape-shifting monster’. After carrying seen a intensity of a R32, Australian automotive magazine, Wheels, for their Jul 1989 emanate wanted something familiar for a cover title. They didn’t utterly like word, Obakemono. So, they staid for something improved and absolute – Godzilla!

The racing birthright and a ‘Godzilla’ badge was carried brazen ever since.

Nissan GT-R Generations

The Nissan GT-R aka Skyline GT-R was innate in 1969. Skyline was a operation of compress sports cars, constructed primarily by Prince Motor Company in 1957, and by Nissan in 1967 after a dual companies merged. The GT-R has left by 6 generations given a introduction. Below are a 6 generations of a Nissan GT-R:

KPGC10 (Hakosuka)

The Hakosuka was creatively accessible as a 5-door sedan and done a entrance during a 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. It had a 2.0-litre straight-six engine with 160bhp and 177Nm torque.


Introduced in 1973, a second era Skyline GT-R also had a 2.0-litre straight-6. The engine was good for 158bhp and 177Nm of torque.


The strange 1989 Godzilla came with a 2.6-litre straight-6 putting out 276bhp and 361Nm. The GT-R also got a initial all-wheel-drive complement in a R32.


The fourth era Godzilla came in 1995 with a same engine as in a R32. It came with a lot of improvements compared to a R32 and constructed 280bhp and 258Nm of torque.


The R34 is maybe a many iconic Nissan GT-R generation. It primarily had a same 2.6-litre engine from a R33, though a new 2.8-litre twin-turbo straight-6 section was introduced later. The automobile was also highly-advanced for a time (1999) and constructed tighten to 276bhp and 361Nm. The engine was rarely able of holding even some-more load, creation it a tuner’s dream.


The stream era (2017 model) Nissan GT-R is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6. The automobile can put out 565bhp and 633Nm of torque. The all-wheel-drive complement of a R35 is so modernized that it gave a GT-R another pretension – ‘Computer On Wheels’.

Thoughts On Why The Nissan GT-R Is Called The Godzilla

The Nissan GT-R is one of a best JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) supercars on sale today. Though a stream R35 GT-R isn’t a fastest or a quickest automobile in a world, it is able of giving roughly any other supercar a tough competition. Simply put, a Nissan GT-R is still a opening beast or to be some-more precise, The Godzilla!

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