Which Tesla Model 3 would we buy? Twitter check results

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Now that Tesla has finally expelled a $35,000 Model 3 that got hundreds of thousands of buyers meddlesome in a brand, we wondered how many people competence follow by and buy it. 

Along with a new bottom Short Range Model 3, a association recently filled out a rest of a Model 3 lineup with a new Short Range Plus model, that includes an upgraded interior and 20 some-more miles of range. Those dual models join a Mid Range, Long Range, and Performance models, and a association even brought behind a rear-wheel-drive Long Range denote with 325 miles of range, in further to a Long Range Dual Motor all-wheel expostulate chronicle with 310 miles. 

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We attempted to collect a 4 many common configurations, with additional concentration on what’s new. The 4 choices were: a $35,000 Standard Range, a Standard Range Plus, a Mid Range, and anything higher. 

In all, usually 15 percent of a respondents pronounced they would buy a bottom $35,000 Model 3, a second lowest commission in a poll. Combined with a Standard Range Plus, however, another 25 percent pronounced they would select a Standard Range Plus, that starts during $38,200 after Tesla’s imperative $1,200 end and support fee.

Neither was accessible before Tesla’s Feb 28 announcement, so 40 percent of a respondents might have been watchful for a Model 3 that was cheaper than was accessible before that gives some denote that Tesla’s proclamation could advantage sales.

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Almost half of a respondents, 48 percent, pronounced they would select one of a some-more costly models: a Long Range Dual Motor or Performance version.

The smallest series of a respondents, usually 12 percent, pronounced they would opt for a Mid Range Model 3.

As always, a Twitter polls are unscientific, so Tesla’s tangible sales might not simulate a readers’ responses, since of a low representation distance and since a respondents are self-selected from a rather opposite organisation than Tesla’s buyers. 

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