What Happens When You Take a McLaren Senna for a 1500-Mile Road Trip

Who’s got a poke to take a McLaren Senna for a highway outing opposite southern Europe? McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt? Possibly. But Top Gear really does! Mind you, a people there did it for science, we think.

According to IndyCar motorist JR Hildebrand, a McLaren Senna is what happens when we build a competition automobile though rules. But a Senna isn’t a competition car. It’s a street-legal highway automobile that usually happens to path Portugal’s Estoril Circuit six seconds faster than a 720S, a mid-engined blast we named a 2018 Performance Car of a Year.

As Top Gear‘s Chief Tester Ollie Marriage can confirm, such gait comes with concessions on a road. For starters, all that downforce means drag, so a tank of fuel will usually final around 200 miles. So, usually in box a 201st mile finds we between dual deserted plantation houses in The Pyrenees, you’ll be correct to cary a jerry can.

Then, there’s a highway sound on anything though ideal tarmac. Broken petrify surfaces? Forget about it. The Senna’s active hydraulic cessation will never concede for comfort, and nor will a single-piece CO fiber bucket chair you’re strapped into. Additionally, little rocks will invariably make themselves famous by bouncing off a circle wells and a underbody, as we onslaught to refinement a large CO ceramics tuned for a track.

Yet notwithstanding all a cons, Marriage argues that on a right road, a Senna shines by as an definitely able travel car, charity what feels like as most serviceable opening as a 675LT. That’s utterly a attainment from a automobile that—like it or not—won’t expected be highway tripped from Estoril to Monaco in dual days by a destiny owners, like Top Gear has.

If we can’t perspective a YouTube video above, greatfully click here.

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