What Crackpot Converted This Mazda Miata Into A 1965 Mustang?

Look, you’re not shopping a classical Mustang. It’s usually sanctimonious to be, and it’s not like used Miatas are tough to find. Mazda has usually built over a million of them. The inventory says a automobile has 94,595 miles and facilities a blue extraneous with a black interior. At slightest a colors are nice. But wait, what a heck is that?! A feign timber steering wheel?! No, only no. Power comes pleasantness of a first-generation Miata’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder with 133 hp, that is indeed somewhat some-more absolute than a ’65 Mustang’s 120 hp 3.3-liter inline-six. Other facilities embody amalgamate wheels that demeanour really Miata-ish, three-point chair belts, AM/FM radio, and atmosphere conditioning. So yeah. Nearly $10 grand for this….thing.

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