We gathering a $39000 Toyota Camry V6 to see because it’s a best offered automobile in America — here’s what we found

The Toyota Camry is a best offered automobile in America. Only full-size pickups like a Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado have been means to consistently kick a Camry in a sales dialect over a past 30 years. Even with a normal buyers flocking towards crossover SUVs, a Camry has been holding clever with some-more than 387,000 sole in a US final year.

Over a years, a Camry has warranted a repute for a desirous engineering, exquisite build quality, and rock-solid reliability. Turn on. Drive. Turn off. Repeat. With some simple maintenance, a Camry will keep going as prolonged as we wish to keep it around.

However, it has also warranted a rather unenviable repute for being a archetype for unspeakably tedious nonetheless unfailingly arguable daily transportation. The Camry comes off as a bit soulless like a kitchen appliance.

Even yet Toyota’s worked tough to shake that reputation, it’s one that persists.

For 2018, Toyota introduced a all-new eighth era Camry with uninformed piece metal, interior, and powertrain.

Recently, a Japanese automobile hulk forsaken off a top-of-the-line 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 sedan for us to check out. The bottom Camry starts during $23,495 while a XSE V6 opens during $34,950. With options, a Kentucky-built Toyota Camry XSE V6 exam automobile left a salon during $38,730.

So has a aristocrat of tedious been reborn with an additional sip of pizazz? Let’s find out.

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