Watch This 500 HP Honda Civic Destroy Itself On a Dyno

There are 3 mixture compulsory for a successful dyno run. You need a powerful, well-secured car, properly-calibrated hardware and software, and a vast aged fan to give a engine a airflow it needs to duty during a comprehensive limit. Take divided a final one and things will go south in a hurry, as one hapless EG Civic owners detected recently.

The internet is dirty with examples of turbocharged Civic builds left awry—just supplement this red hatchback to a list. The strange four-cylinder engine had been increased to around 530 horsepower, and a aftermarket lights, wheels, and cessation prove a satisfactory volume of time and income substantially went into formulating this small monster. 

Unfortunately, all a income in a universe still can’t buy common sense. A vast fan can indeed be seen in a credentials during a start of a run as a camera pans around, nonetheless strangely a emporium opted to place what looks like a vintage drag car in front of a Civic instead. The run starts off normal enough, though a skinny mist of fume starts to fill a shade during 0:16. Seconds later, it all comes detached in fantastic fashion.

The miss of airflow total with 11 pounds of boost caused a engine to blow a coolant hose and moment a cylinder sleeve, as a video outline indicates. Pour one out for this dearly-departed Civic—may it rest in pieces.

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