Watch: Nissan GT-R Alpha Queen Sets 2842 AWHP Dyno World Record in Fiery Run

The pretension recently went to a GT-R Alpha Queen, with a appurtenance carrying strike a dyno in extent conflict form as partial of a TX2K 2018 event.

And a formula were zero brief of delicious, with a Nissan handling to broach 2,842 hp and 2,076 lb-ft of turn – keep in mind that these are a values during a wheels, that means a crankshaft outlay of a appurtenance sits during around 3,200 horses.

The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine of a Nissan GT-R has been built by AMS Performance, that motionless to take things to a extent to see a kind of outlay a hardware could deliver.

Of course, a many absolute R35 and a quickest or fastest incarnations of a appurtenance aren’t a same thing.

For instance, a pronounced Texan quickness entertainment saw a Alpha Queen delivering purify 7s passes, while a savage managed to strike 228 mph in a rolling mile adventure.

The square of footage next allows we to check out a record-setting dyno run of a Alpha Queen, flame-spitting and all.

The pronounced numbers were apparently delivered during a final run, with a dyno graph in a picture gallery above display a formula delivered by a grievous mill.

Our Engine Calibrator started a lift and gave everybody a thumbs up. He eased into a throttle. The engine sang as a RPMs quickened. Everyone examination could tell from a sound of a run that we had achieved something special. It was a sound of an Earth-shaking 2842 All Wheel Horsepower, a record,” a aftermarket dilettante settled on the blog.

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