Watch How Quick The Abarth 124 Spider Races To 137 MPH

The Fiat 124 Spider plays second fiddle to a Mazda MX-5. The Miata binds cult standing in a automotive community. It’s a go-to sports automobile for many due to a affordability and fun-to-drive factor. But a 124 Spider is scarcely identical. While new piece steel hides a Spider’s Japanese bones, there are a few differences with a engine, energy output, and chassis. But even those differences aren’t adequate to put a 124 Spider on a same turn as a Mazda. That doesn’t meant a Fiat isn’t a fun sports car. 

The video above shows only how discerning a small Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is, attack 124 miles per hour in 28.2 seconds. That’s distant from supercar fast; however, that’s discerning adequate to pull neglected courtesy from a military if you’re not careful. The video shows a Fiat attack 136 mph, that is a 124 Spider’s tip speed. 

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Power comes from a turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine producing 170 bhp, according to a video. The Miata and 124 Spider are both explanation horsepower isn’t everything. If we put a right engine in a lightweight sports car, we can have a discerning runabout but spending hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

It is a tad upsetting a 124 Spider isn’t some-more popular. Pricing is scarcely matching between a two. The Miata is an icon, and it’s tough to pull into a shred Mazda has dominated for roughly 30 years. Fiat doesn’t have a name approval to make a hole in Mazda’s sales, that is a shame. 

The 124 Spider is a plain sports automobile for those wanting something with a bit of Italian flair. The 124 Spider doesn’t have a assertive styling as a Miata; however, it’s opposite adequate that business should give it a chance. 

Source: Automann-TV around YouTube

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