Watch Bjorn Try Electrified Fiat 124 Sport Spider

Smart-Tesla batteries supply a power.

How fun is it to expostulate an electrified 1980 Fiat 124 Sport Spider? Well, judging by Bjorn Nyland‘s facial expressions as he hammers it in a video above, we’d have to contend flattering stinkin’ fun. The Norwegian electric car YouTuber, as we competence have guessed from his many recent videos range-testing a Tesla Model 3, is in a U.S. for a visit. Apparently, he’s found time in his report to revisit a folks from Electric GT, who are behind this sold project.

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If a name of that outfit sounds familiar, they are a same people who converted a 1976 Ferrari 308 GTS, eventually selling it during a Barrett-Jackson auction for a cold $84,700. To some, this Fiat competence not be in a same category as that sportscar, though with styling by Pininfarina — and some-more specifically, famous designer Tom Tjaarda — a 124 Sport Spider binds a possess in a book.

When the convertible initial rolled from factories, it was no powerhouse. Now, braggadocio twin AC motors it puts adult some considerable stats. As we can see in a picture above, outlay has been increasing from 82 horsepower to 129 hp. The boost in torque is even some-more impressive: 98.83 pound-feet to 205 lb-ft. The outcome of a electric ascent can be seen in a opening figures.

Where it used to take a idle 12.2 seconds to strech 60 miles per hour, that same attainment now takes usually 6.75 seconds. Previously, a tip speed had been 103.1 mph. With a electric drivetrain, it now maxes out during 125 mph. In fact, a usually metric that has lessened in this acclimatisation is a range. It could travel 273 miles on a tank of gas when new, though a 36 kWh value of Tesla-via-Smart Fortwo battery modules shortens its leash to about 124 real-world miles.

Like many conversions that use reduce voltage motors — these ones are pronounced to be rated for 124 volts — a strange gearbox has been retained. This allows drivers to still have copiousness of torque accessible during aloft speeds. While it seems it can journey easily or 3rd or even 4th gear, Nyland demonstrates a considerable acceleration that can be found in 2nd.

Though a initial partial of a video is all about a pushing experience, we do get a demeanour underneath a hood and inside a case after on. So, if we wish to locate all a details, watch until the end. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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