Watch A 1000 Horsepower Nissan GT-R Slay Its 21-Inch Tires

One of a many interesting drivers in Japan over a past few years has been Kazuya Taguchi, an Up Garage worker (kind of like super Autozone) who also runs in Formula Drift. Now he’s come stateside in this 4.1-liter R35 Nissan GT-R, that creates some-more energy than you’d ever need.

Man does this automobile shred. It has a Tomei 4.1-liter stroker pack and I’m not severely astounded that builder Jerry Yang claims a thousand horsepower with 26 pounds of boost. Why a automobile runs 21s we do not know, though it has no problem roasting them.

Taguchi didn’t do good in a opening spin of FD this year during Long Beach, and it’s easy to know because once we watch this video from Hoonigan.

The group showed adult to Hoonigan’s small front lot in Long Beach a day before FD to get Taguchi some of his initial time behind a circle of a automobile and to dial in a setup. That’s a impossibly brief time support to get used to a car, and I’m certain Taguchi will get some-more and some-more gentle as a deteriorate goes on.


Here’s to anticipating he can chuck a good backie into a initial spin during Atlanta soon.

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