Wandering a Chicago Auto Show

I knew when we saw Tribune automotive wordsmith Robert Duffer roaming a print dialect that a annual Chicago Auto Show was entrance up.

Covering a automobile uncover is a routine in itself. My initial year during a newspaper, we don’t consider we had a idea what was going on for a improved partial of a 3 days we was there. Instead we only wandered around incidentally holding photos of whatever theatre meddlesome me. Thankfully there were colleagues of cave photographing a newsworthy unveilings and announcements.

This year, we spent a media preview day being that guy, darting from theatre to theatre covering a critical happenings. But once we was finished with that and a photos were sent, we headed behind down to a building to only ramble again. The automobile uncover knowledge is such an engaging one to me. Perusing a cars we felt a bit like a film “Lost In Translation.” Or maybe it was only a Explosions in a Sky Pandora hire we was listening to during a time. Either way, it was surreal.

The automobile uncover says so most about society, in each fact — from a blueprint to a promotion to a code reps charity giveaway swag. This year a coffee bar seemed to be a renouned addition. Many of a carmakers had during slightest dual baristas on hand, doling out caffeine to fuel a masses. Cellphone charging stations also seemed to be widespread out like watering holes in a good automotive savanna.

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