Volvo XC60 Driver Thinks He’s Playing GTA, Weaves And Crashes

This pile-up should arrange strong high on anyone’s list of accidents that we conflict to by doing a facepalm. There was a red light and a vast organisation of cars already stationary, nonetheless a motorist of that first-gen Volvo XC60 suspicion it was a good time to wobble by traffic.

In a end, a unavoidable happened, as a Swedish crossover crashed into some of a cars ahead. The customarily certain here is that a impact didn’t start during high speed. Still, we don’t know if anyone was injured.

Aside from a fact that this took place on Dec 8th somewhere in Russia, no other information was released. Although we think that once authorities got involved, a motorist during error suffered all required authorised consequences. The fact that a pile-up was caught on dashcam certainly helped with that too.

So what causes somebody to expostulate so irresponsibly? Weaving by traffic is customarily a pointer of rambling cockiness – that, or a Volvo was concerned in a movie-like automobile chase, that didn’t seem to be a case. As for anybody wondering if this competence have been an emergency, to that we say: so what? If we unequivocally need to get somewhere quickly, doing so safely beats not removing there during all.

In a end, had a cammer not changed out of a way, it’s probable that a XC60 competence not even have fit by that initial gap. Eventually though, the motorist was reminded that they weren’t on a motorcycle, nor were they in some super-fast and flexible SUV.


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