Volvo XC60 crossover SUV removed over inadequate tailgate arms

The 2018-2019 Volvo XC60 is theme to a remember over a crossover SUV’s tailgate, that might residence inadequate lifting arms.

Volvo filed a remember information with a NHTSA in Jan and a papers were done open final week. In total, 45,990 XC60 models are enclosed in a recall. The association pronounced in a filing that underneath certain conditions and in cold temperatures a tailgate arms could freeze. If they freeze, a arms could turn loud and stop functioning. At a issue’s worst, a arms might apart from a tailgate along with a spring. Should they detach with a spring, a tailgate will open unexpected with impassioned force and a high possibility of critical injury.

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Volvo sent a presentation to owners about a reserve risk in January, though a follow-up presentation will come when tools are available.

The resolution is a whole new tailgate arm assembly. Dealers will be educated to reinstate a aged tailgate arms with an softened pattern that facilities aluminum tubes and fasteners to safeguard they do not solidify and won’t apart from a tailgate.

Although Volvo has a resolution ready, partial accessibility is still low. It’s misleading when a association will start notifying owners to move their XC60 to a play to lift out a recall.

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