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Does it paint good value for a price? What facilities does it come with?

The XC60 comes in 3 trim levels: there’s a entry-grade Momentum, a Inscription is a mid-point and a R-Design lords over all of them. So how many does an XC60 cost? Let’s demeanour during a cost list. 

The many affordable XC60 in a operation is a D4 diesel various in Momentum class that lists for $59,990 (RRP) while a T5 petrol kin is $62,990.

Stepping adult to a Inscription there’s a D4 chronicle for $66,990 and a T5 petrol for $69,990. 

You can have an R-Design with a some-more absolute D5 diesel for $73,990, a gruntier petrol T6 for $76,990 and a petrol-electric hybrid for $92,990 sits during a tip of a XC60 range.

As for driveaway prices for a XC60, put a vigour on a play and you’ll be astounded what they can do.

The XC60 is good value … depending on that class we go for, since even a reduce labelled ones come with an endless list of customary features. 

All XC60s comes customary with a 9.0-inch straight hold shade with Apple CarPlay for your iPhone and Android Auto, a 12.3-inch motorist display, WiFi prohibited spot, Bluetooth, sat nav (gps navigation), 360-degree parking camera, automobile parking system, front and behind parking sensors, a 10-speaker reward sound complement with digital radio (DAB), leather upholstery, energy tractable motorist and newcomer seat, vicinity pivotal (keyless entry), roof rails, LED headlights and a energy tailgate.

Richard Berry It has a 9.0-inch straight touchscreen.

That 9.0-inch shade is for some-more than usually for multimedia and infotainment – many of a car’s functions, gadgets and a owner’s primer are tranquil by a display.

The Inscription adds four-zone meridian control, adaptive journey control and 20-inch alloys.

The R-Design D5 and T6 come with 21-inch amalgamate wheels and R-Design diagnosis to a steering wheel, grille, pedals and leather seats.

The XC60 R-Design D5 comes with 21-inch amalgamate wheels. (image credit: Richard Berry)

And a R-Design T8 comes with a breathtaking sunroof, clear rigging changeable knob, and usually dual-zone meridian control.

So a R-Design T8 is not good value, though a Momentum T5 and D4 unequivocally do paint good facilities for a money. 

All XC60s come with LED headlights and a Thor’s produce daytime using lights – no xenon headlights here, thankfully.

Richard Berry The stand-out extraneous facilities are a front and behind with that noble grille wearing a famous Volvo ‘sash’.

If we wish exhilarated seats it’ll cost we $500 for a front ones and $350 for a behind row, while a exhilarated steering circle is $350. Ventilated seats are a $2950 option, though you’ll get leather seperated upholstery with them. Tinted potion is a $650 choice and a 15-speaker Bowers Wilkins stereo costs $4500. Oh and a CD actor is a $160 option, though we can’t have it on a R-Design T8.

The $2490 atmosphere cessation is also an option, though a really gentle one as we found on a T8 we highway tested.

A discerning indication comparison shows a XC60 is labelled good – a Mercedes-Benz GLC ranges from $67,500-$99,900 (more for a AMG), a Audi Q5 ranges from $65,900 to $86,611 and a BMW X3 starts during $62,900 and tip out during $87,700. 

A miss of full-sized gangling tyre is disappointing. Sure a space saver gangling (which comes with all XC60s detached from a R-Design T8) is fine in a city and so is a puncture correct pack on a T8, though in Australia it can be a prolonged approach between towns. 

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