Volvo V60: stylish, atmospheric and safe

With Volvo carrying constructed shining SUVs like a XC60 and XC40, it’s easy to forget that not too prolonged ago a Swedish carmaker was maybe best famous for vast family estates that put a reward on safety.

The V60 sees Volvo going behind to a roots, nonetheless this isn’t some prude estate designed to interest to embankment teachers. Oh no. Since Volvo pennyless giveaway of Ford’s tenure some 8 years ago it’s thrived underneath new Chinese owners Geely, and found a new pattern certainty that’s seen a association strew a bleak image. 

Handsome, reward design

The slab-sided designs of a 240GL and 740GL from a 1970s and 80s were already a apart memory, and like many new Volvos a second-generation V60 sports a sharp, worldly look.

Tying a V60 to a rest of Volvo’s neat new operation are a ‘Thor’s Hammer’ daytime regulating lights on a front that lead to a concave grille. The pattern of a V60 plays it a small safer than a XC40 though, withdrawal out a baby SUV’s particular back pillars and two-tone paint schemes.

We drove

Volvo V60 D3 Inscription Pro

Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cylinder diesel

Power output: 150bhp

Max speed: 127mph

0-62mph: 9.9 seconds

Price: V60 from £31,810 (model as tested: £48,110)

While you’d be forgiven for meditative that a XC60 SUV would be a incomparable vehicle, it’s indeed a V60 that has a bigger footprint, measuring 4.761m in length compared to a XC60’s 4.688m.

This translates to a vast foot with a 529-liter ability that puts rivals from BMW, Mercedes and Audi in a shade, and even eclipses that of a XC60, that will swallow adult 505 liters. If we need even some-more space, we can overlay a back seats down to boost a ability to 1441 liters. 

Up front, and as we’ve found with a XC60 and XC40, a V60’s cabin is a poetic place to be. It’s light and airy, with reward materials ensuring a peculiarity finish. Dominating a core console is Volvo’s portrait-orientated 9-inch Sensus touchscreen, by that many of a V60’s pivotal controls are accessed. 

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The Sensus interface is easy to navigate, and responsive, and acts as your gateway to a V60’s entertainment, preference and reserve functions. This means a rest of a console is flattering streamlined, with dedicated controls for volume, and a exhilarated windscreen and exhilarated back screen. Hard-wired controls to adjust a meridian control facilities would be good though, so we didn’t have to rest a on-screen controls.

Traditional analogue dials are transposed by digital instruments on a V60’s dashboard, with a vast 12.3-inch shade nestled behind a steering wheel. As good as pivotal pushing information, a complement can arrangement media, phone, navigation and other data. Our Inscription Pro indication also had a rather accessible heads-up display. 

As you’d expect, there are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options on board, while a 10-speaker complement is customary on a V60. If that isn’t adequate to prove we there’s also a 14-speaker Harman Kardon choice that kicks out 600W, while a automobile we gathering was embellished out with a 15-speaker Bowers Wilkins complement that punches out 1100W. The clarity was stunning.

Advanced reserve tech

A Volvo estate wouldn’t be a Volvo estate but a critical dollop of reserve tech, and a V60 is versed with a horde of modernized object-detection and collision-avoidance systems. All V60s underline integrated radar and a forward-facing camera to detect objects in front of we and advise of a intensity collision; a reserve complement will even go so distant as to automatically request a brakes to possibly equivocate or extent a impact should we destroy to conflict in time. 

How many times have we had to double-check as you’ve pulled out to change lanes that zero was in your blind spot? Our V60 featured Volvo’s discretionary Blind Spot Information System, that as a name suggests will advise we of anything in your blind mark around a beep and a flashing light in a wing counterpart on a side where a intensity jeopardy is.

Our V60 was also granted with Volvo’s shining semi-autonomous Pilot Assist expostulate technology

Our V60 was also versed with Volvo’s shining semi-autonomous Pilot Assist expostulate technology. You simply name your preferred cruising speed (up to 80mph) and a V60 will take automobile of a rest. This sees a automobile regulating a radar and camera to take control of braking and steering, while we can also set how tighten we wish to transport to a automobile in front. 

While you’re still compulsory to keep a palm on a wheel, a V60 will unerringly request pointed steering inputs as it follows a line of a highway you’re in, while kindly braking and accelerating to keep gait with a upsurge of traffic. 

We tested a complement out on both a four-lane motorway and breezy twin carriageway, and came divided impossibly impressed. It’s designed to take some of a highlight and aria out of pushing on vital roads, and it left us feeling a lot some-more rested after a good 4 hours of pushing than we would have been otherwise. 

On a road

Our V60 featured Volvo’s lower-end D3 diesel engine delivering a medium 150bhp; there’s also a somewhat beefier D4 indication accessible that ups a energy to 190bhp. If we imagination a petrol engine, your choice is singular to a 250bhp T5 engine for now, while depending on a indication we opt for we get a 6-speed primer or 8-speed automobile transmission.

The D3 engine felt a small underpowered to us, with a composed 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds. Once it’s adult to speed on a open highway yet it happily cruises along, while it’s excellent trundling around city too – and deliberation a distance of a V60, it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying to combat a vast automobile around a streets either.  


The Volvo V60 is emphatically no bleak aged estate. The superb styling is complemented by a wealthy cabin with a Scandi-cool pattern that oozes class, while there’s adequate space to simply drive kids, dogs and all a concomitant outfit around in comfort. Factor in the apartment of reserve tech on daub to safeguard we and your family are kept safe, and this is a constrained choice if you’re after a family estate. 

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