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Volkswagen is still looking for a approach to lapse to a remunerative pickup lorry shred in a United States after a decadeslong hiatus. The all-new Atlas SUV (pictured) gives a code a event to build a unibody indication directed right during a award-winning Honda Ridgeline.

Matthias Erb, Volkswagen of North America’s arch engineering officer, told website CarBuzz that a association is exploring a probability of branch a Atlas into a lorry for a market. If launched, a yet-unnamed indication would be to a Atlas what a Ridgeline is to a Pilot, definition a dual would share a same stretched chronicle of Volkswagen’s rarely modular MQB height and a same four- and six-cylinder engines. Transforming a Atlas into a lorry would be a some-more cost-effective resolution than conceptualizing one from scratch.

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Erb explained Volkswagen hasn’t totally ruled out offered a some-more rugged, body-on-frame pickup in a U.S. However, a Wolfsburg-based association wouldn’t build a full-size indication designed to quarrel in a same shred as a Chevrolet Silverado, a Ram 1500, and a Ford F-150. “Body-on-frame trucks are a stable market,” he forked out.

Another resolution for Volkswagen is to operative a subsequent era of a Amarok with U.S. regulations in mind, though that looks doubtful to happen. Erb reliable the stream model won’t be sole on a shores — that is frequency a warn given a age — and he stressed that there are no skeleton to sell a deputy here, either.

Volkswagen isn’t resolutely committed to offered a lorry in a U.S.; it’s merely gripping all options on a table. When a final preference will be done hasn’t been suggested yet. If a Atlas does parent a truck, it will have to deflect off foe from a aforementioned Ridgeline and a arriving production chronicle of a Hyundai Santa Cruz concept.

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