Video Shows D.C. Cop Using Taser On Unarmed Black Man On Subway Platform

A military officer in Washington, D.C., had some questions to answer after a video showed him regulating a Taser on an unarmed Black masculine who didn’t seem to poise any threat. The misleading officer was reportedly doubt a immature Black masculine who had been handcuffed in a U St. Metro Station in Northwest Washington when a bystander began vocalization to one of a dual officers on camera. Moments later, another officer comes rushing into a picture, shoves a bystander and afterwards uses a Taser on him seconds later.

The hapless partial of apparent military savagery by an overzealous patrolman happened Saturday, according to a Washington Post, that reported that a open movement orator pronounced a officer indispensable to urge himself notwithstanding video justification to a contrary.

“According to a officer’s statement, a theme took an assertive position with a balled fist and began to proceed a officer appearing to be readying for a fight,” Metro orator Ron Holzer told a Post in an email.

The video, of course, didn’t uncover that function during all.

The lady who filmed a video could be listened observant she wanted to make certain a immature chairman who was handcuffed was okay. She was reportedly articulate to some of a suspect’s friends, who were suspected of “threatening riders on a height with sticks.”

But Che’mere Jones’ courtesy fast changed from a immature chairman to a bystander.

“I was scared, we was ashamed and we was frustrated,” Jones told inner news opening WTOP. “There were 7 officers around him and some-more entrance down a escalator.”

She pronounced a comment that a patrolman feared for his life was fake and that a officer concerned was partial of a incomparable problem within a city’s military department.

“This isn’t usually an officer creation a mistake,” Jones said. “It’s not a mistake — it’s a culture.”

The movement military pronounced Sunday that it was opening adult an investigation, nonetheless a video along with watcher accounts seemed to tell a full story of an overzealous military officer who resented being approached by a citizen over a approach he was doing an unarmed Black suspect. That apparent rancour incited a bystander into a think who was not usually Tasered yet also arrested. The misleading masculine was arrested for deterrent of justice, yet it was misleading what that “justice” was referring to.

Witnesses seemed to behind adult Jones’ account.

A apart video taken in a D.C. Metro hire final week showed a complicated military participation also responding to Black youths over a supposed “terror” threat.


This weekend’s video came on a heels of another high-profile occurrence on a D.C. subway where a newcomer took a print of a Metro worker eating on house in a unsuccessful try to contrition her.

Another Metro patrolman was caught on video final year regulating aroused force opposite during slightest one Black lady while wielding his Taser for purported transport evasion.


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