Video: Reckless Nissan GT-R Driver Misses Head-On Collision by Inches

Footage display a motorist of a Nissan GT-R hooning recklessly and over-cooking a pointy dilemma on a two-lane highway recently flush on YouTube, proof once again that treating a open track as your possess private racetrack is a terribly insane thought that can have lethal consequences.

The video was taken by a lurch cam mounted on a automobile that a GT-R scarcely collided with, and notwithstanding a object formulating a bit of glare, it shows usually how tighten a dual cars came to crashing head-on. It all happened when a non-crazy motorist approached a maladroit spin as many normal people would, staying in their line and minding their possess business, usually to be frightened sh*tless by a maniac during a circle of a 565-horsepower supercar attempting to be Ken Block.

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