Video: Brand new Nissan GT-R crashes going into pointy curve

Want to know how to destroy a code new sports car? Put it in a hands of an inexperienced though arrogant operator, and let him take it to a widen of slight highway scandalous for claiming cars (and drivers).


The Tail of a Dragon stretches 11 miles between Tennessee and North Carolina and has a repute as one of a many iconic pushing roads. However, a road’s mythological standing binds a darker story than simply being a ultimate pushing test. Since 1995 over forty deadly accidents have taken place among a 318 sum curves.

This bad GT-R finished adult in a swell of a beast.

This bad GT-R finished adult in a swell of a beast.

Today we have a motorist who clearly didn’t have a chops to take on a beast, and it cost him. That cost was a one month aged Nissan GT-R with reduction than 2,000 miles on it.

You can see he didn’t utterly spike that initial turn, and didn’t have adequate time to scold before a subsequent curve. As he goes into a slide, his preference to request a brakes creates him remove all control and he veers off a highway into a trees.

Fortunately a motorist walked divided from this collision unscathed, though a same can’t be pronounced for his car. However, a motorist should only be happy he’s still alive to tell this annoying tale.

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