Video: BMW X3 Compared Against Acura RDX, Q5, GLC and Volvo …

It has turn a arrange of protocol for Japanese manufacturers to array their latest offerings opposite some-more traditional, German rivals. The fact that certain cars are a benchmark in their sold segments is flattering apparent when other manufacturers use them as a ones to beat. The latest display of such a comparison comes from Acura and a new RDX model. In sequence to applaud a launch of a automobile in a US, a association invited reporters to exam it opposite a best cars in a segment, including, of course, a BMW X3.

The guys from The Fast Lane Car supposed a invitation sent out by a people from Acura to go brazen and exam their latest RDX opposite a BMW X3, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Volvo XC60. The choice of a contrast crew wasn’t theirs as Acura picked these German and Swedish cars to review opposite their latest crossover, as they deliberate them to be ‘the best in a segment’, a matter we can determine with.

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If you’re a long-time subscriber, we substantially already know that a guys from The Fast Lane Car have an emanate with BMW’s gearbox pull and, especially, a approach we activate Launch Control, a procession that somehow manages to evade them each time they exam a BMW. In this sold video, Roman complains about a apparent un-intuitive approach a shifter works, carrying we lift behind on it to go brazen and pull it brazen to go backwards. That’s only a approach many of a involuntary transmissions work, we guess.

Speaking about a BMW he also points out that releasing a hood final dual pulls on a lever, a reserve underline BMW has been implementing on a cars for years, and other manufacturers are starting to do as well, to strengthen a drivers. As for a tangible comparison between these 5 cars, as you’re about to see, it’s reduced to personal welfare and whichever purpose we wish to grasp with your car. Want some-more oppulance and comfort? Go for a Q5 or Merc. Want to be means to go off-road? Go for a XC60. Want to have fun behind a wheel? Get a X3 or a RDX.

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