Used automobile review: 2008-2014 Mazda MX-5


The MX-5 Miata started with a elementary idea: to make a fun, affordable sports automobile in a capillary of a classical ’60s British roadster, yet with complicated technology. The first-generation NA indication was an present strike in 1989, providing insinuate pushing disturb during a comparatively low price. Columbian Motors alien these in a ’90s, to a pleasure of internal enthusiasts. But after a distributor let go of a brand, it would take another decade before a motoring idol returned, as a third-generation NC MX-5. An updated version, mostly called NC2 by enthusiasts, followed shortly after, afterwards a third era resolved with a singular 25th Anniversary Edition, that we have here.

Value and costs

Thanks to a assertive P1.8-million pricing for a 25th Anniversary Edition, progressing MX-5s, sole during an eye-watering P2.2 million, are starting to seem on a marketplace during some-more picturesque prices. You can even get one during underneath P1 million if you’re lucky. NC2s are still some-more expensive, yet prices should go down with a introduction of a all-new ND after this year.

Because many owners are mature enthusiasts, secondhand MX-5s are typically good cared for. Units sole by stream distributor Berjaya Auto Philippines should also have full use records, interjection to a giveaway three-year upkeep intrigue underneath Yojin 3. That said, there aren’t many common problem areas, anyway. Rubber pieces in a cessation and framework can reduce over time, yet these are easy to fix. The mechanicals are typically robust, and a powered hardtops seem cool to leaks.

Exterior and interior

The MX-5 is classically low, with far-reaching fenders and parsimonious overhangs. It’s a little thing, weighing around 100kg reduction than a ‘Toyobaru’ BRZ/86. While a initial NC aped a ‘pill-like’ styling of a strange Miata, a 2009 chronicle has a some-more contemporary vibe, with crook headlights and a some-more assertive look. The Anniversary Edition caps this with a silken black tip corresponding to glossy Soul Red paint and gunmetal wheels.

All internal NCs came with a energy retractable hardtop, a automatic origami masterpiece that raises and lowers in usually 11sec, and occupies a immaterial volume of space behind a seats. No fiddly removable hardtops here!

On a inside, a MX-5 is a parsimonious fit, yet ergonomics are excellent. There’s a lot of tough cosmetic in gripping with a MX-5’s lightweight ethos, down to a ultra-thin object visors.


The low weight tends to agree a 2.0-liter MZR engine. Its 167hp competence seem tame compared to a Subaru boxer’s 197hp, yet it pulls some-more uniformly from off-idle to redline, and sounds better, too. NC2s have a aloft redline than progressing cars, that are singular to 6,500rpm.

Fuel economy ranges from 6-7km/L in a city. On a highway, it depends on how complicated your right feet is, yet with brief gearing and comparatively bad aero- dynamics, don’t design a MX-5 to do Mazda 3 numbers. NC2s perceived a longer sixth rigging for improved fuel economy, and revisions to make a ’box sturdier, yet synchro rendezvous in a reduce gears does tend to make shifts a bit notchy.

Driving impressions

Commuting is not a MX-5’s clever suit. It’s formidable to see over a far-reaching fenders by a side mirrors. There’s utterly a bit of highway and breeze noise, even with a tip up. But when we indeed wish to drive, it delivers in spades.

When Mazda trots out a aged jinba ittai (horse and supplement as one) chestnut, it’s not pulling your tail. While comparison NCs have somewhat relief steering, changes to a caster and steering geometry make a NC2 most some-more tactile. It’s like a Carlos Santana of electric energy steering, yet a BRZ/86’s shelve is scarcely as good. That said, since a fighter twins agree we into personification super-dorifto-hero with their nose-led weight balance, a MX-5 feels keener to thread a eye of a needle.

A stiffer cessation and stickier Bridgestone Potenza rubber discharge some of a spill of comparison NCs, that tend to shake around during full attack, yet there’s still a lot of physique roll, even with a Anniversary Edition Bilstein dampers. Still, a glorious tactility of a framework creates we feel some-more connected to a road.


There’s a reason a MX-5 is an icon. It’s been a gateway drug to pushing unrestrained for petrolheads. Despite a share of detractors, a NC has some-more refinement, speed, and day-to-day usability than any Miata before it. There aren’t many out there, yet for a propitious few who’ve picked one up, it’s a guaranteed destiny classic.

But one that’s meant to be driven. Preferably with a tip down and a Sierra Madre plateau streaming past in a distance.

Price new: P2,000,000

Price now: P1,050,000

Engine: 2.0-liter DOHC I4

Gearbox: 6-speed manual

Power: 167hp @ 7,200rpm

Torque: 190Nm @ 5,000rpm

Fuel economy: 6-7km/L (city) 12-16km.L (highway)

Rivals: Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86

On sale: 2008-2014

Additional resource:

Parts: Oil filter: P250/piece (Purolator); Front shocks: P4,900/piece (KYB); Front stop pads: P1,500/pair *Prices demonstrative of range

Top contact: Berjaya Auto Philippines

Quick fact: The 1998 NB era was a usually MX-5 to come with both a turbocharger and a coupe body. Unfortunately, it was never brought to a Philippines. That’s usually too bad. 

Note: This essay initial seemed in Top Gear Philippines’ April 2015 issue.

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