[Updated With Pricing] Tesla Model 3 Configurator Opens In China


Published on Nov 15th, 2018
by Zachary Shahan


November 15th, 2018 by  

Update: The pricing for a Chinese Tesla Model 3 Performance and several options has been suggested now as well. See here:

We reported progressing today, formed on tweets from Elon Musk, that Tesla skeleton to start delivering Model 3s to business in China in Mar of 2019. Or, if something delays those initial deliveries, a initial Model 3 patron in China will get her/his automobile in April.

Now we have word from a crony Vincent in China that a Tesla Model 3 configurator has only non-stop for reservation holders there.

What is there to supplement about this? Mostly only context about what we’d listened before, how this lines adult with expectations, and what it competence meant about Tesla Model 3 direct and prolongation overall.

It has prolonged been approaching formed on statements from Tesla (Elon Musk) that Model 3 deliveries would start in China and Europe in a initial half of 2019, or even in a initial quarter. Recent news per Model 3 uncover tell events in Europe advise that Tesla is removing prepared to open a configurator for business there in sequence to prep prolongation skeleton for Q1 deliveries. It’s a small startling to see a configurator cocktail open in China before Europe, yet maybe it’s only that Europeans got a entice as good yet are still sleeping. In any case, it looks as yet Tesla is prepared to collect information from business abroad to find out what trims they wish — how many Performance Model 3s and Long Range Model 3s to furnish and prep for them.

A pivotal doubt during this indicate is either Q1 2019 will be a entertain when Tesla starts delivering poignant volumes to Europe. If not, that indicates Tesla has extremely clever direct for high-spec versions of a Model 3 in North America. The association doesn’t seem to be relocating reduce than a Mid Range Model 3 on a cost scale any time soon.

If Tesla collects European and Chinese sequence information in a entrance month and a half, it can afterwards start producing a vehicles in a commencement of Q1 2019 to broach by a finish of Q1 in Europe and China. If Tesla has clever direct in a US, it could theoretically postpone abroad deliveries further, compartment Q2 2019, yet remember that a non-US cars are a bit different. Tesla can’t only furnish a Model 3 and afterwards send it to any country. So, it seems that a association has reached a indicate where it has staid on producing Chinese and European Model 3s during a commencement of a initial entertain of 2019 and afterwards removing as many of those early Model 3s as probable to some smiling European and Chinese business by a finish of Q1 — or early Q2 if there are variable challenges.

Any other thoughts on a news?

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