two radical harley-davidson electric concepts shown during CES 2019

with energy and stylish poise, a ‘LiveWire’ is particularly an authentic harley-davidson motorcycle though with one pointed difference: it is their initial all-electric model. a plan flog started in 2014 with a antecedent and took years to rise before an electric indication was means to compare their cherished code experience. a 2020 prolongation motorcycle was initial presented during EICMA 2018 and afterwards during CES 2019, where two harley-davidson electric concepts also debuted and hinted towards an electrified destiny for a brand.

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the initial of a harley-davidson electric concepts is a mountain/trail bike, that facilities a outrageous belligerent clearance. along with a tiny body, battery and motor, a two-wheeler is propitious with front and back suspension, vast tires and hydraulic front brakes.



in contrast, a smaller scooter concept would be unfailing for a city if it ever were produced. a minimalist pattern prominently sum a long, prosaic dais chair with skateboard-like footrests on possibly side. a handlebar includes a drop-down, chopper-esque back perspective counterpart and a outrageous LED headlight in a center.



wrapped in an evocative styling, a dual concepts try a intensity of civic mobility for a harley-davidson brand. it has authorised them to use their believe of two-wheelers and pull new bounds in terms of record and design. this plan has also enabled harley-davidson to indicate to a intensity portfolio of electric bikes in a future, with a association fervent to turn ‘the personality in a foundation mobility over a subsequent several years’.



project info:


manufacturer: harley-davidson

concepts: mountain/trail bike and city scooter

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