Twin test: Peugeot 508 Fastback vs VW Arteon

Fittingly, a Peugeot arrives in sporty, top-spec GT-line trim, while a Arteon is represented by a reduction sincere Elegance trimline, as against to bodykitted R-line. The Peugeot is tauter, sportier, and a LED using lights demeanour like a sabre-toothed robot. The VW is a dentist’s dream, its mouth filled with radiant braces. On initial impression, it’s a large Passat, though gawk on it for a notation and a XXL size, a hillside of a tail and reduce centre of sobriety give it most some-more presence. Now a Scirocco’s dead, competence this be a usually flattering automobile VW makes?

Both are labelled in a low £30ks, a Peugeot’s reduce RRP advantage upended here by a larger options spend. If we wish your swoopy tavern versed with a likes of night vision, massaging seats and a 360-degree parking view, and a ability to park itself if you’re in a quite hands-off mood (as per this specced-up exam car), them’s the brakes.

This easily optioned Arteon – versed usually with a additional of keyless unlocking and start – is partially unclothed in spec, though comes as customary with half a hundredweight of VW Group knowledge in infotainment on board.

Desirable specs both then, for pragmatists and posers. Let’s see that deserves to lead a tavern car’s glorious comeback…

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