Toyota Prius Quicker Than Fiat 124 Spider, BMW X1 In Figure 8 Test

Toyota Prius owners continue their satisfactory share of tantalizing for pushing such a “low-performance” vehicle. But is a Prius unequivocally out of a mainstream for performance? Not by a prolonged shot. Motor Trend is only a latest to infer what many Prius owners already know – a automobile is only like any other normal car. Particularly on a twisty figure 8 competition track.

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Motor Trend uses a figure 8 in sequence to arrange a wheat from a chaff. as Motor Tren puts it, “Sometimes called a “race shelve in a bottle,” it’s a best approach to objectively magnitude how opposite cars accelerate, brake, and dilemma on their boundary in a tidy, repeatable way.” Typically, cars with gummy tires, a low core of gravity, bug brakes and a absolute engine do best on this course. The Prius has accurately nothing of those things. So because did it only kick a Jaguar, a Mercedes, a BMW, and a garland of other cars that have “sport” and “GT” in their name?

The Prius accessible a time of 26.3 seconds. Lower is improved for those multi-tasking while looking during a story. Here are a scores of some flattering important cars few call slow, all of that a Prius spanked:
– Fiat 124 Spider – 26.4 seconds
– Jaguar XF S Sportbrake – 26.4 seconds
– Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 – 26.4 seconds
– Mazda6 2.5T – 26.7 seconds
– BMW X2 SDRIVE 28I – 26.7 seconds
– Nissan Sentra Nismo – 26.7 seconds
– Kia Soul GT Line – 26.8 seconds
– Land Rover Range Rover Velar P250 SE R-DYNAMIC – 26.9 seconds
– Genesis G8- Sport – 27.5 seconds

So, only to recap, a Prius spanks a whole prolonged list of brands that honour themselves on creation sporty, good doing cars and crossovers. Like a “Ultimate Driving Machine.” And a specifically tuned AMG and Nismo models. And a up-powered turbos from Mazda and Kia. All losers in this race. WIth a 121 hp Prius.

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Note that my crony Collin Woodard’s story is not antiquated Apr 1st, so we will assume his work is not a fun and is totally serious. Just like a Prius when it is violence a pants off “sporty” vehicles.

2019 Toyota Prius Fast Facts:
The 2019 Prius is now accessible with all-wheel drive. A multi-year IIHS Top Safety Pick, a Prius is one of a safest immature cars in America. Oh, and it gets a 52 MPG rating and has a reduce cost per mile for appetite than many battery-electric vehicles.

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