Toyota Closes Out Flat 2017 With Dec Decline

Toyota closes out a prosaic 2017 with 222,985 vehicles sole in Dec in a U.S., a 4.8% daily-selling-rate decrease from Dec 2016.

There were 26 offered days in Dec 2017 and 27 in Dec 2016.

Both Toyota and Lexus brands fell final month on a DSR basis, with a former down 3.6% and a latter 10.6%.

WardsAuto still calculates Scion sales and that gone code sole 6 vehicles final month, a 93.9% dump from a 102 sole in Dec 2016.

Most Toyota-brand models mislaid movement final month compared with year-ago, including a soon-to-be-replaced Avalon vast sedan (-50.1%), a Corolla compress automobile and induce (-34.5%) and a subcompact Yaris (-72.3%).

Sales of a Prius liftback/V wagon/Prime plug-in fell 18.0%, and a compress Prius C declined 39.7%, capping months of waste for a hybrids.

Sales in a 3-Prius lineup fell 17.2% in 2017, tallying 96,247, a high falloff deliberation a Prius liftback alone used to sell some-more than 100,000 units annually.

Uncharacteristically down in Dec was a Highlander midsize CUV, descending 14.1% on a DSR basis. However, Highlander sales for a year rose 12.7% to 215,775.

The Highlander couldn’t compare a strength of a RAV4 CUV, however, that took over sales care in May from Toyota’s Camry, a brand’s top-seller from 1989 to 2016, and never let go.

While RAV4 sales fell 9.2% in December, it sealed out a year absolutely above a 400,000-unit symbol Toyota targeted in 2017, with 407,594 sales (50,559 a hybrid variant). That’s a 15.7% boost from 352,154 RAV4s sole in 2016 and approaching to make it a No.1-selling application automobile in a U.S. for 2017.

Speaking to a RAV4’s Dec dip, Jack Hollis, organisation clamp president-Toyota Div. for Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., tells media on a discussion call that a automaker has been offered RAV4s as quick as it can build them.

“We are truly offered during a larger gait any month,” he says, observant register of a RAV4 was light streamer into final month.

The Camry, interjection to an all-new ’18 model, had a whopper of month offered 43,331 units in December, a 34.7% DSR spike. The Camry’s 2017 sum was 387,081, roughly 1,000 units next a 2016 sum though good adequate to keep it as a No.1-selling midsize automobile in a U.S. on an annual basis.

Toyota’s compact Tacoma pickup had a 10.9% DSR boost in Dec and rose 3.4% for a year. Its 198,124 2017 volume creates it a No.1-selling compress in WardsAuto’s Small Pickup group.

Lexus’ 35,461 Dec sales were off roughly 6,000 units from year-ago.

Every indication in a oppulance brand’s lineup was down from Dec 2016, save for a NX compress CUV (4.3%) and new Lexus LC sports car, that tallied 290 units in a month, bringing a 2017 sum to 2,487.

Taking a biggest thrust in Dec was a dropped CT 200h hybrid hatchback, down 99.0% on a DSR basis. Of stream models a LS, shortly to be transposed with a new generation, fell 47.8%.

The RX midsize CUV absolutely remained Lexus’ best-selling U.S. indication for a month and a year, with 13,951 deliveries in Dec and 108,307 in 2017. The annual volume dipped 1.0% from 2016.

Through December, Toyota sole 2.435 million vehicles in a U.S., a 0.6% decline. The Toyota code delivered 2.129 million units and Lexus sole 305,135 units.

Toyota underperformed a Ford code on annual volume, though usurped Chevrolet to become the second-best-selling new-car code in a U.S. in 2017. In 2016, Chevy was second and Toyota third in sum sales.

Lexus’ place in a oppulance hierarchy is still to be determined. Mercedes-Benz is certain to sojourn on tip given a 332,990 sales by November, though usually a integrate thousand units distant BMW and Lexus for second place in that period.

Toyota finished Dec with roughly 300,000 vehicles in register in a U.S., a 47-day supply, while Lexus had 27,000 units, or a 23-day supply, down from a 30-day supply to start a month, says Jeff Bracken, Lexus U.S. organisation clamp president.

Given a attention softening in 2017, Hollis still is confident about new-vehicle sales in a year ahead. However, he sees a seasonally practiced annual rate dipping into a top 16-million-unit range, presumably attack 17 million.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s arch Japanese rivals Honda and Nissan reported churned sales formula for a year and a month.

Both Honda and Nissan explain best-ever annual formula in a U.S. with Honda touting 1.641 million units sole and Nissan stating 1.593 million automobile sales.

However, Honda’s Dec sales fell 3.4% on a DSR basis, it says, while Nissan says it mislaid 9.5% on a volume (non-adjusted) basis.

Despite an all-new indication in a market, Accord sales fell 32.2% in December, Honda says, and were down 6.5% for a year, with 322,655 deliveries not adequate to nudge a Camry from a top-midsize-car slot.

Sales of a CR-V, before a best-selling application automobile in a U.S. until a RAV4 usurped it progressing in 2017, rose 1.7% in Dec and 5.8% in 2017.

The CR-V’s 377,895 units edged out a Civic’s 377,286 to make a CUV Honda’s best-selling indication of 2017. Honda says a CR-V’s annual volume was a record.

Thanks to a Camry’s Dec rally, a Civic was a No.2 best-selling automobile in a U.S. in 2017, not a No.1 indication as many had expected.

All 3 Japanese automakers news record light-truck sales in 2017, as Americans’ eagerness to trade cars for crossovers seems unstoppable.

As for either a light-vehicle industry’s stream two-third/one-third brew of light trucks and cars will correct any time soon, Hollis says, “We trust it’s going to stabilise about right here,” mentioning a stream clever opening of a Camry and stirring redesigns of a Avalon as good as a Corolla as buoying automobile sales.

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