Toyota Camry Nails All The Important Stuff, Headlining Toyota’s Sedan Commitment

2019 Toyota Camry.


The U.S. sedan marketplace has turn a survival-of-the-fittest donnybrook amid slower altogether sales and a stability change in consumer welfare toward application vehicles. General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler fundamentally have folded their hands in sedans. But unfamiliar automakers have hung in there.

From a rubble, Toyota’s midsize Camry has emerged as a heading testimony to a plan of staying in a sedan difficulty that, association officials believe, will turn out during about 30 percent of a U.S. marketplace long-term. So distant this year, Camry sales have declined by usually about 1 percent compared with a year earlier, as a indication stays Toyota’s best-selling sedan and a No. 2-volume nameplate in America to a RAV4 SUV.

The 2019 chronicle of Camry — that is partial of a eighth era of a princely nameplate that was introduced for 2018 — demonstrates because Toyota can continue to float a automobile with confidence. Toyota hasn’t finished many freshening for this year, generally only adding Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa capabilities. But a newest era stays an mould of because Toyota and Japanese competitors took over a U.S. sedan marketplace in a initial place: It checks a many critical boxes in considerable fashion.

For one thing, credit Toyota’s pattern renovate of Camry for 2018 to a figure that’s many some-more interesting, with an assertive coming and many new creases, that is in figure with a pierce of both Toyota and a oppulance Lexus code toward some-more energetic extraneous shapes throughout.

Move subsequent to Camry’s drivability. While Toyota specializes in well-spoken sailing opposite a lineups, Camry continues to ideal a kind of best expostulate that American consumers have come to design from estimable sedans. Steering is right down a center between penetrating and forgiving, accurately what a motorist of this many mainstream of sedans wants, and softened over a seventh generation. Acceleration by a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine, with 203 horsepower, and generally by a discretionary V6, with 301 horsepower, is copiousness intelligent and — as with doing — improved than prior generations of a car. An eight-speed involuntary delivery aids a excellent performance.

Yet Camry continues to offer another of a hallmarks, segment-leading fuel economy. It’s called “one of a  most fuel-efficient non-hybrid midsize cars” by U.S. News World Report, earning 29mpg in a city and 41 mpg on a highway in a four-cylinder version.

Toyota has been creation a special indicate of bringing automated-driving systems and facilities to a mainstream of a lineup, and Camry illustrates a happy formula of that determination. So, customary on a 2019 Camry are driver-assistance facilities including adaptive journey control, a rear-view camera, forward-collision warning, walking detection, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, and involuntary high beams. Optional facilities embody a head-up display, 360-degree camera, blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross-traffic warning and involuntary rearward braking.

One some-more large thing: Toyota helps keep Camry’s mainstream interest with front and back seating that is atmospheric adequate for a extended operation of sizes and shapes of people, and with transparent and simple, roughly discerning inner controls. Cargo space is adequate: If someone wants to transport a lot of things in a Toyota, they’ll buy an SUV. But Camry stays one of a best reasons that many Americans still like to expostulate sedans.

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