Top 5 Alternatives to a Honda Civic Sedan

If you’re selling for a new automobile and wish some alternatives to a 2016 Honda Civic sedan, we have come to a right place.

Honda rolled out an all-new Civic sedan for a 2016 indication year and a improvements are well-documented. We even named it‘s 2016 Car of a Year — it’s that good. But maybe that’s not adequate to tempt we to stand into a new Honda Civic sedan. The Honda Civic is a good car, though it’s not a usually player, so that’s since we have come adult with a list of 5 alternatives.

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Priced from $19,475 including destination, a 2016 Honda Civic sedan comes customary with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque, while returning 27 mpg in a city and 40 mpg on a highway. Also accessible is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine providing 174 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. The turbocharged indication is now usually accessible with a CVT – nonetheless that is changing in a nearby destiny – and earnings 31 mpg in a city and 42 mpg on a highway.

5. Hyundai Elantra Sedan


For starters, there’s a some-more affordable Hyundai Elantra sedan that is labelled from $17,985. The entry-level sedan from Hyundai comes powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 147 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque while returning 29 mpg in a city and 38 mpg on a highway.

Summary: Less energy though improved fuel economy in a city and allied features.

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4. Ford Focus Sedan


Slightly some-more costly than a Hyundai Elantra sedan though still cheaper than a Honda Civic is a Ford Focus sedan with a cost tab of $18,100. Powering a Focus is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 160 hp and 146 lb-ft of torque. When interconnected to a five-speed primer transmission, it earnings 26 mpg in a city and 36 mpg on a highway.

Summary: A smidge some-more opening during a scapegoat of fuel economy.

3. Volkswagen Jetta


If we cite something with German engineering, a Volkswagen Jetta is labelled from $18,500 and comes customary with a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 150 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with a five-speed primer transmission, a Volkswagen Jetta gets 28 mpg in a city and 40 mpg on a highway.

Summary: Less horsepower though copiousness some-more torque interjection to a turbocharged engine. Fuel economy is comparable.

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2. Nissan Sentra


The Nissan Sentra is aloft on a list since it’s considerably some-more affordable than a competitors with a $17,365 starting price. Lurking underneath a hood is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine sporting 130 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque, noticeably reduction than a Honda Civic. Its fuel economy comes in during 27 mpg in a city and 36 mpg on a highway. It’s also a some-more expected aspirant if you’re in a marketplace for a Japanese vehicle.

Summary: Cheaper by some-more than $2,000 but offers less performance, allied fuel economy and lots of features.

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1. Mazda3 4-Door


And a tip choice to a 2016 Honda Civic sedan is a Mazda3 4-door. Why? Because it is also an Car of a Year recipient, holding a award in 2014. Although some-more costly than other vehicles on a list with a starting cost of $18,665, a Mazda3 is still cheaper than a Honda Civic sedan. The customary indication is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 155 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque and earnings 29 mpg in a city and 41 mpg on a highway with a primer transmission.

Summary: Slightly cheaper, allied opening and improved fuel economy.

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