This Week in a Future of Cars: All About Elon

What do you consider about Elon Musk? Tell me and I’ll know a lot about your attitudes toward, well, many things. Take this week’s initial entertain gain call. Executives during your normal carmaker—your normal open company, even—would gimlet to insensibility all though a many invested investors. But Elon has no time for “boring, bonehead” calls. So he got rather suacy on his, slicing off those vapid penny pinchers. Either we see him as a maverick—a child left delightfully large money, saving a universe as he swings—or as an insane personality who sent his company’s batch (which, reminder, many of his employees own) shuddering down a y-axis.

No matter what we consider of Musk, it was his week. Transportation editor Alex Davies tackled what Tesla’s initial entertain numbers and that awfully engaging gain call means for a electric carmaker. Meanwhile, comparison author Jack Stewart reminded savvy buyers Tesla will shortly run out of a government’s inexhaustible EV taxation credits. Plus: bike-share, e-scooters, and an Autopilot statistic left awry.

It was a (Tesla) week. Let’s get we held up.


Stories we competence have missed from WIRED this week

  • Tesla will make a 200,000th electric automobile someday this year, and General Motors competence not be distant behind. That’s an considerable miracle with an hapless side effect: The carmakers will remove entrance to a sovereign government’s $7,500 squeeze credit. Jack explores a plan around selling EVs in a somewhat some-more costly world.

  • The doom and dejection throng had likely gloomy initial entertain numbers from Tesla. But when a electric carmaker expelled a total on Wednesday, they contained a bit of a surprise: prolongation is up, and profitability competence be in sight. The association usually has to hang to a schedule—and challenge story doing it.

  • Then Elon got on a phone and mucked it adult a bit, slicing off “dry” researcher questions in preference of expansive, future-looking queries. You know, a fun stuff. The batch marketplace was displeased, and Alex wondered either the 46-year-old child consternation is apropos some-more liability than asset.

  • Musk isn’t a usually automobile conduct prepping for a future. Contributor Nicholas Stecher spoke to Wilko Stark, a man in assign of Daimler’s connected, autonomous, shared, and electric strategies. One large takeaway: a association that owns Mercedes-Benz ain’t frightened of Waymo, Apple, or Uber.

  • Business contributor Klint Finley takes a tighten demeanour during what could be a game-changing ruling by a California Supreme Court, that found one company’s drivers are in fact employees. That’s a bad fashion for Uber, Lyft, and a rest of a gig economy.

  • If your prophesy of a destiny of cars doesn’t engage cars during all, some glorious news—people are really still operative on ways to get we around a city. we try a Los Angeles Metro’s pathbreaking proceed to collaborate with a private sector (there competence be gondolas involved?), a spectacular expansion of electric scooter-share market, and because Americans are going ga-ga for bike-share.

The Enduring Mystery of a Week

If we occur to know how or because an dull Honda Civic ended adult unresolved from a application pole underneath a Toronto bridge, please send me a note.

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In a Rearview

Essential stories from WIRED’s canonIn a 15-year history, Tesla has dodged genocide some-more times than James Bond or Indiana Jones. In 2010, WIRED’s Josh Davis chronicled how Elon Musk led a automaker by a early days, afterwards a darkest days, and made it a automobile association of a future.

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