This McLaren MSO R is a two-off supercar special

What’s improved than a bespoke McLaren supercar, grown only for you? Two bespoke McLaren supercars, grown only for you. Obviously.

Which is what we see here. The MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider are a concurrent span of 650S-based treats, a outcome of a personal elect by one indispensably rich customer.

MSO, of course, is McLaren Special Operations. They’re a group behind all demeanour of special editions and dilettante commissions, a initial of that was a Gerry Anderson-esque X-1.

These are a small some-more conventional, and distant some-more focused on pushing nerdery. There’s a lot of carbon, with a bumper, bonnet, roof scoop, back rug and counterpart arms all treated to the material.

Its interior has been formally hosed in Alcantara, with a steering circle removing a centre stripe. Both interior and extraneous run a same silver/red/black colour scheme, though a Coupe is finished in satin, a Spider in gloss.

The automobile is formed on a aged Super Series McLaren structure – 12C, 650S and 675LT – and runs a many absolute iteration of their 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Its 679bhp is only 13bhp adult on a 675LT, nonetheless a span of MSO R engines haven’t only had an ECU tweak: there are palm discriminating heads and empty ports, and a singular empty complement with titanium end pipes.

What a owners paid (probably millions) hasn’t been revealed, and conjunction has what they have designed with their MSO Rs. The spec looks track-biased, being harder and some-more absolute than a already pin-sharp 675LT. But that’s also a good highway car, and maybe these dual will be treated to unchanging visits to Alpine passes.

Whatever, we wish they get scrupulously used. When you’ve got dual cars with a same spec, you’ve always got one gangling if we expostulate a other only a bit too hard…

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