This Is What The ‘DB’ In Aston Martin DB Cars Stands For

Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik

Aston Martin DB2. Aston Martin DB4. Aston Martin DB5, 6, 9, S, 10, 11. You get a idea. So, what does “DB” mount for? Dead Bird? Doobie Brothers? Database? DeciBel? Dragon Ball??

It turns out “DB” was indeed a man’s name (super odd in this industry, we know). It stands for David Brown, a appurtenance manufacturer and driver, according to a friends during Motor1 UK. Brown bought Aston Martin in a 1940s and proceeded to slap his initials on a cars.


Over a years, a DB cars have spanned racers and GT machines. The latest to wear a moniker is a painfully pleasing Aston Martin DB11. How does it smoke-stack adult opposite the predecessors? Watch Motor1 find out.

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