This Is What A McLaren 675LT Looks Like With $448000 In Options

Newsflash: McLarens are expensive. They’re done of carbon-fiber and moondust or some shit. And once we get into a options? Buddy, we are in for a treat.


For example, a standard McLaren 675LT Spider costs approximately $372,000. But that’s not adequate for some people. Some people wish more. That’s when McLaren Special Operations stairs in, that is McLaren’s Haus of We’ll Do What You Want As Long As You Give Us A Lot Of Money.

Recall a MSO Carbon Series LT, a MSO-ified carbony special book that didn’t make any some-more energy than a normal 675LT Spider. There were usually 25 built.


Here’s one during McLaren of Beverly Hills. On tip of a CO treatment, it also has a special blue paint pursuit that we can see a CO fiber wobble through. Also, there are some bullion pieces since gold! Now, because a chairman would elect a exposed carbon-fiber automobile and afterwards paint over it again is anyone’s guess, though whatever. It’s a thing that exists.

How most is this blue wonder, we ask? It is $820,000—which is an additional $448,000 in options that don’t volume to anything some-more than some cultured touches. we have some difficulty justifying that.

I’m not a imagination nor a strict person. A normal 675LT Spider would fit me only fine, appreciate we really much. So, in this rarely suppositious world, we could have a automobile and $448,000 to play with.



What would that buy me, Kristen Lee? Let’s find out:

In my mind, all of these purchases would be some-more profitable to me than an MSO McLaren. Wealth is only squandered on a rich, we tell ya.


(h/t to Christan!)

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