This Is What a 1750-HP Nissan GT-R Sounds Like – The Drive

If you’re going to uncover adult to a automobile uncover in Monaco, we improved be roving in something rare, expensive, or uncontrollably fast—or something that’s a multiple of all three. At final weekend’s Top Marques 2017 eventuality in Monte Carlo, a 1759-horsepower Nissan GT-R was only one of a cars that fit a bill. 

The Nissan GT-R can come from a bureau with adult to 600 hp, though a Rocket Bunny automobile shown in a videos below, built by Brill Steel Motorsport, has roughly 3 times that. To us, that’s roughly unfathomable. How do we even expostulate something like that? Just kindly blow on a gas pedal with your mouth kindly and afterwards hang on to a steering circle for dear life? Like, damn.

Anyways, when we buy a 1759-hp car, we also apparently get a giveaway fire flower. If we skip to a 3:15 symbol in a second video, you’ll see what we’re articulate about. 

What a car. 

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