This is a Lexus LC500 continuation racer

Toyota competes in a Nürburgring 24 hours each year. And in 2018, it’s doing so with this rather cold looking Lexus LC500.

The LC, if we need a reminder, is the best Lexus given a LFA. Well, it is if we go for a naturally aspirated V8 version. Which Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsport arm naturally has.

What spec a LC500 racecar runs in we’ve not been told, though a highway automobile produces 470bhp, and N24 competitors tend to be flattering closely associated to their showroom counterparts.

In this case, that’s unequivocally no bad thing; a sound of one these utterance by a frail 3am atmosphere promises to be incredible.

Toyota takes a engineers to a ‘Ring, and they mostly form a pushing group and array organisation for a 24-hour competition to assist their development. Beats a teambuilding outing to go paintballing or problem-solving any day…

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