These are a vehicles people are holding onto a longest Zac Self 5:55 AM, Feb

Car repairs can be costly. That’s because a new news shows that people are holding onto comparison cars longer.

A new investigate claims automobile owners are saving money by gripping their cars for some-more than 15 years instead of opting for a new vehicle. The study, conducted by


, shows that a tip cars kept for 15 years by their strange owners are exclusively Japanese models, many of them Toyotas.

iSeeCars put out a list of a tip 15 cars people tend to keep longer than average. The list next also shows a normal cost for newer models of a vehicles supposing by U.S. News and World Report contra their prices 15 years ago, supposing by Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book.

Toyota Highlander

New – Toyota Highlander LE starts during $31,300
15-years-old – $4,999
Toyota Prius
New – The simple cost for a Prius is $23,475
15-years-old – $5,999
Toyota Sienna
New – A Toyota Sienna L has a suggested sell cost of $30,745
15-years-old – $5,999
Honda Pilot
New – A bottom commander starts during $31,450
15-years-old – $4,399
Toyota Tundra
New – The bottom cost starts around $31,320
15-years-old – $6,999
Toyota Sequoia
New – Base cost for a Sequoia starts during $48,700
15-years-old – $6,777
Toyota Tacoma
New – Toyota Tacoma SR has an MSRP of $25,550
15-years-old – $8,995
Honda Odyssey
New – The bottom indication starts around $30,090
15-years-old – $3,950
Honda CR-V
New – The CR-V starts around $24,350
15-years-old – $2,950
Subaru Forester
New – A bottom indication forester starts around $24,295
15-years-old – $5,991
Toyota RAV4
New – The bottom indication starts during $25,500
15-years-old – $5,225
Toyota Camry
New – The cost for a Camry starts during $23,845
15-years-old – $4,990 – $5,990
Acura MDX
New – The MDX has a MSRP of $44,300
15-years-old – $5,989
Toyota 4Runner
New – The 4Runner starts during $34,910
15-years-old – $9,995
Toyota Avalon
New – The Toyota Avalon has an MSRP starting during $34,695
15-years-old – $4,200

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