There’s a ‘2017 Ferrari 124 Spider’ For Sale on eBay

Are we in a marketplace for a red-blooded, red-bodied, racer drop-top from Italy? Let me seductiveness we in this 2017 Ferrari 124 Spider… wait a minute, that’s not right. 

Originally speckled on a aptly named subreddit r/Shitty_Car_Mods, there apparently exists a Fiat 124 owners who has a tough time stealing his loyal Italian sports automobile aspirations. Not usually does this Fiat have Ferrari badges front and back, though a owners put in a income and bid to make certain all 4 core caps and a steering circle wore prancing equine logos as well. Its splendid red on tan leather tone intrigue solidifies a tie to Maranello. Throwing a “designo pininfarina” badge on a lurch fundamentally creates it a genuine Ferrari…in no way, shape, or form. 

For sale now on eBay, this Italian Miata’s usually been driven 7,400 miles and comes with a guaranty intact. Still not sold? Let a owners remonstrate we otherwise.

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