The Volvo XC60: A well-spoken ride

After giving his Freedom Day submit during Weekend Breakfast on a apparent detachment among South Africa’s immature voters, motoring publisher Jacob Mashokoa gets down to a nitty dirty of rating a Volvo XC60.

After exam pushing a 2-litre version, Moshokoa says a major sense is one of smoothness.

It puts in another clarification to smooth…

Jacob Mashokoa, Motoring journalist

This automobile is so soothing even from a hold of a symbol when you’re starting a car. we can’t even hear a window when we breeze it down.

Jacob Mashokoa, Motoring journalist

Mashokoa is also tender by a record featured in a XC60, including hold screens and motorist aids.

When we review it to a competitors, ie a Jaguar E-Pace, a BMW X3 even, we feel as yet a Volvo is a one that is a best out of a lot.

Jacob Mashokoa, Motoring journalist

For some-more on a XC60, take a listen:

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