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The sleet has melted and a continue will not be long. It is a ideal deteriorate to go on a journey and suffer a thousands of kilometers of roads that Quebec offers us. By a finish of a week, we will deliver we some models for sunbathing behind a wheel.

It’s still too early to tell whether, in a country, a 124 Spider will be a success or not. Unveiled while a summer deteriorate was sketch to a close, a Italian lady did not worry about sales of a Mazda MX-5, that she drives really closely.

Moreover, these dual models share a same public line in Hiroshima, Japan.

Despite a really tighten bond that unites them, these dual models yield a opposite experience. Starting with performance.

Different Driving Experiences
Indeed, a 124 Spider adopts an Italian and non-Japanese mechanics. Fiat’s four-cylinder 1.4-liter turbocharged engine is here to propel it. Used in many salsas (it is found on probably all of a brand’s products), this automechanic has probably no mutation or expansion before fasten a new framework environment. Ah so, a slight boost in a vigour of a turbocharger.

Even if this Fiat uses a sorcery of supercharging, a opening does not mortar it in front of a MX-5 however. The reason is due in partial to a somewhat aloft weight of a Italian, though some-more quite to a rather prolonged response time of a turbocharger on a one hand, and a rather singular operation of use of this engine on a other hand. Indeed, this engine gives a best of itself between 2500 and 5500 rpm. It is usually after a best operation of use has been reached and tamed that a Fiat appears some-more during ease.

Heavier and longer than a MX-5, a Fiat appears reduction agile, reduction clear than a MX-5. On a other hand, on a some-more open road, a 124 Spider appears some-more gentle (better soundproof too), some-more fast than a Japanese genitor. The differences are subtle, though appreciable. You select !

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