The state of ‘family’ cars — pickups, renouned sedans lead in longest-kept new vehicles

Bringing home a spanking clean, creatively embellished code new automobile can be a remarkable time for owners.

They can grow trustworthy to a vehicles, give them nicknames, abuse them when they mangle down (followed, naturally, by a discerning makeup).

What a brands are that are many renouned and how prolonged they stay in a same hands change significantly by segment of a country, according to newly expelled figures.

On average, people who squeeze a car new keep it 7.4 years, formed on total from automobile information website iSeeCars. Put another way, anyone with a 2011 indication bought new is right on a cusp. Certain models, though, stay in a family longer, with a Ford Expedition heading a approach national during 9 years.

The online site this year analyzed 6 million used cars and trucks countrywide sole by strange owners to see hold them a longest.

“Five of a tip 10 new cars kept a longest were bumbling people movers, including a Chevrolet Suburban (No. 7), Toyota Sequoia (No. 3) and Ford Expedition (No. 1),” pronounced Mike Moffitt, essay in a San Francisco Chronicle’s website SFGate. “All have seating for during slightest 7 passengers and a ubiquitous contempt for fuel economy,” he says.

Other SUVs that done a list are a Toyota 4Runner (No. 4) and Ford Explorer (No. 6), both of that offer third-row seating as an option, Moffitt noted. The usually minivan, a Honda Odyssey, slipped in during No. 10, he said.

Meanwhile, iSeeCars also grown statewide totals, that while typically mirroring a best sole models national offer twists in a time hold and a code variety.

The longest hold indication usually lead in 3 states though they happened to be race kings California, Florida and Georgia. Also, Californians possess Ford Expeditions on normal 9.8 years, a many extensive time of any brand.

By state popularity, a Honda Accord sedan dominated as personality in 14 states, followed by a Toyota 4Runner SUV in 6 states and Chevrolet Silverado lorry in 4 states. The Ford F-150 lorry and Honda Odyseey minivan assimilated a Expedition as tip car in 3 states while a Chevy Tahoe SUV lead in dual states. The outliers with one state every are a Honda Civic, initial place in Oregon; and 3 Toyotas, a Camry sedan in Connecticut, Tundra lorry in Massachusetts and Avalon sedan in Ohio (note 11 states and a District of Columbia were not listed in a survey).

The Odyssey placed longest-lasting in 3 Southern states: Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina.

By years of ownership, California bested Washington state, in that people hold new Accords for 9.7 years on average. The shortest time durations for prolonged tenure were in Iowa during 6.5 years owning a Silverado 1500 and in Maine, 6.8 years holding a Silverado.


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