The New Toyota Supra Will Finally Debut At The Geneva Motor Show: Report

Hello, and acquire behind to a burdensome news cycle surrounding a purported arriving all-new inheritor to a Toyota Supra. Today’s refurbish comes from Auto Express, that claims a new automobile will entrance during a Geneva Motor Show underneath a Gazoo Racing brand.

The parable of a new Toyota Supra might finally be entrance to a consummate with a entrance in March, and AutoExpress claims to have a details. Supposedly, a new Supra comes with 4 opposite models or trims including a bottom Supra, GR, GR Sport and GRMN, allegedly with a extended spectrum of opening defining any model.

Here’s some-more about Toyota branding a automobile underneath a Gazoo Racing name from a Auto Express report:

“The Supra will be by Gazoo,” a opening division, Shigeki Tomoyama, told Auto Express late final year. The news comes after it transpired that a Gazoo Racing group became some-more heavily concerned in a car’s growth – after Toyota boss Akio Toyoda tested a car and motionless it indispensable to be “more mobile”. Prototype cars have given been given some-more of an corner to what was a sincerely soft initial set-up.

The news also reiterates things we’ve listened before, like that a Supra will be hardtop usually while a BMW reflection will be automobile only, and that a dual models might have opposite engines.


Obviously we should take this news with a complicated sip of skepticism, though it’s during slightest lovely that a Supra rumormill is finally changeable into exhibit hints, definition we might indeed get to see this thing unclosed in a nearby future. Let’s wish it doesn’t disappoint.

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